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Deductible – the amount paid when a facility is closed, work units are relocated, or there is an Alternative Service Delivery (ASD) initiative to obtain an employee`s consent to remain until the closure, relocation or transfer. This payment cannot be combined with other ASD payments. You can receive both the SGST and your pension, if necessary, with a waiver based on your years of service and pension rights. If you are dismissed or terminated under the provisions of the CEF, you are entitled to all other benefits under the collective agreement, as well as pension rights and other benefits, all separate and in addition to the payments set out in the Annex to the CEF. For more information on the staffing process and to find answers to questions about a specific staffing adjustment situation, visit the Personnel Adjustment: Policies and Guidelines page on the Treasury Board Secretariat website and your specific collective agreement. To help managers and human resources (HR) consultants deal with staffing adjustment situations, the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer/Treasury Board Secretariat (OJO/TBS) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) have developed a MFA information package consisting of a set of guides on specific components of the EFA process. In addition to this guide, the PSC also offers the Priority Administration Guide. For indeterminate, seasonal and part-time employees, the transitional support measure is prorated as severance pay according to your collective agreement or working conditions. The Executive Transition Directive contains information for managers affected by staff accommodation. Yes. The severance benefits provided for in your collective agreement are paid in addition to the transitional support measure. There can be no change between two employees, both of whom are affected by a staff adjustment situation. If you retire but are covered by a labour adjustment agreement or policy, you may be entitled to an exemption from the normal pension reduction.

For more information on eligibility criteria, visit the Information on Staff Adjustments site on the Treasury Board Pensions page. As a first step, managers should ensure that the employee`s position was not filled indefinitely if the person was on uninterrupted leave for more than one year. If a position has been filled indefinitely, the employee on leave is entitled to statutory priority leave and Personnel Adjustment (WFA) does not apply. For more information, see the TBS Policy on Leave and Special Working Arrangements and the PSC`s Guide to the Administration of Priorities. Your supervisor informs your human resources department of the adjustment situation of the staff in your department. In return, your human resources department will inform you of the different options available to you. Your department`s human resources department also coordinates the dissemination of this information with your department`s finance department and salary office. 17. How do you manage a selection and termination process where one or more employees protected by salary occupy positions at the level where adjustments must take place? Opting employee – an indefinite employee whose services are no longer required due to a staff adjustment situation and who has not been guaranteed an adequate job offer. The selection of employees to be retained and those to be laid off must be linked to the organization`s business and staffing plans. Performance criteria must be carefully selected to meet the requirements of these plans.

Pursuant to section 21 of the PSR, employees in similar positions in the affected part of the organization must be assessed on their merits and selected for retention or dismissal. In this way, the business plan can be realized. It is strongly recommended to consult negotiators (in accordance with EFADs and collective agreements) and to inform employees as soon and as often as possible of the organizational situation, as well as on the means and reasons for the evaluation. You are not automatically entitled to the transitional support measure. It applies if you become an employee opting and choose option 2 (VST) or option 3 (education allowance). The entitlement is based on a formula set out in Schedule B of the Personnel Accommodation Schedule to your collective agreement and is based on your years of service. According to article 34 of the collective agreement, the employer must make all reasonable efforts to ensure that workforce reductions are achieved by fluctuation. Transitional support measure – one of the options available to a crucial employee. The transitional support measure is a cash payment based on the employee`s years of service in the credit rating agency (see Annex B of the WFAA in your collective agreement). It is advisable to wait and see if you are affected by a staff adjustment situation. Once a CEF situation is triggered, there are a number of rights under the collective agreement. A personnel adjustment is a situation that occurs when the services of one or more indeterminate employees are no longer required beyond a certain point in time due to a lack of work, the hiring of a function, a move in which the employee does not want to participate or another delivery initiative.

You can be the subject of WFAD. In other words, you can be informed by your department of a possible staff adjustment during your service leave, provided that you have not been on leave for more than a year or that your position has not been filled permanently. We believe that the government deliberately directed departments, agencies and organizations to stagger announcements of affected and surplus employees approximately every two weeks. The services and bodies subject to the personnel accommodation schedules are required to provide the negotiator with the name and place of work of the employees concerned, including the identity and location of the work unit(s) concerned, the expected date of the announcement, the expected timing of the staff adjustment situation and the number, the group and level of staff, who are likely to be affected by the decision. . The manager advises the 20 employees at a team meeting on the situation of the CMA and the services available and the organization`s career transition plans. Another employee volunteered to be fired and the manager accepted the employee`s request. The manager sends an email to the other affected employees and asks if anyone else is interested in volunteering for a layoff. In the case of a worker`s decision not to participate, the Communication should recognise that, while all relevant staff can be qualified, merit must be assessed and the basis for the selection of persons to be retained or dismissed and that the selection procedure is necessary for a fair and transparent decision. .