Our vision is to Empowering entrepreneurs to achieve professional success from the comforts of their home.

Mission Statement:

At My World and I, we believe it’s time for you to harness your true potential. As a market leader and expert in distributing personalized children’s books, we take great pride in offering a self-fulfilling career to those who want to earn a substantial income from home. Through our dedication to ensuring you have unlimited revenue opportunities as your own boss, we remain committed to achieving our vision of helping children learn while helping you fly.

About Us:

My World and I was born out of a strong desire to encourage children to read while enabling entrepreneurs to take charge of their life. Launched in 2012 by entrepreneur, author, children’s education innovator, advocate of positive change and mother, Catherine Bouhet Walker set out to change the children’s book market. By pushing a unique concept that allows entrepreneurs to personalize, print and sell high-quality award-winning children’s books, she’s given anyone with motivation and drive the opportunity to work at their own pace while growing their business. With books that take less than five minutes to produce, My World and I shows entrepreneurs how they can quickly generate profits with minimal initial investment. Based in France with over 100 distributers worldwide, My World and I is quickly becoming a global success.


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